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EPL: United vs EFC

After Man United lost 1-2 at Istanbul Basaksehir's field in midweek, the bookmakers simultaneously raised the odds for Solskjaer being sacked to "almost certain", with the common rate being 8/13 (ie order 13 only eat 8). Then, the British press added another blow to the confidence of the Norwegian military when it was revealed that Man United was re-activating the negotiations with Mauricio Pochettino.

It is not clear how bad the news is. But given what's happening at Old Trafford, it's safe to believe that confidence in Solskjaer has come to an end. The former Norwegian striker no longer scored "golden goals". In the past, when the team fell into a cycle of decline, Solskjaer often used great war achievements or good results on the European front as a lifeline. But now, MU has dropped 5 points in the last 2 great battles (against Chelsea and Arsenal) and then lost in humiliation to the Istanbul Basaksehir "dwarf" in the Champions League . Nothing can save Solskjaer anymore, unless, starting with the match against Everton tonight, he helps the students to revive immediately.

However, it is also a very difficult task for Solskjaer. Defeating Everton at this point, at Goodison Park, is a problem that no Premier League team can solve this season. Under the hands of "witch" of legendary coach Carlo Ancelotti, Everton is transforming and turning Goodison Park into an impregnable fortress. The Merseyside team is unbeaten in all 5 home matches in all competitions this season, in which they have won up to 4 matches. The only team that has caused Everton to lose points at Goodison Park since the start of the season is Liverpool. But it was also an extremely hard match for the defending Premier League team when the two sides chased the score frantically and then divided the score with a 2-2 draw.

Everton's outstanding home field performance is an indication of a stormy trip with Solskjaer teachers and students. Man United is playing very well away from home. But that was until before they met Istanbul Basaksehir. 1-2 defeat at the hands of the Turkish team ended the 5-match winning streak when away from the Reds' home. The predestined relationship seems to be about to fly away with Solskjaer's army. And it is worrisome when it comes to the time when United have to go to the football field where they have only won 3/12 of their last visit in the Premier League.

At the end of last season, Man United went to Goodison Park and left with 1 point. But now, the result can also be a luxury. Because compared to March last year, when they drew 1-1 by standing in front of more than 20 shots of all kinds of Everton, the Red Devils now have fallen too much on the defensive aspect. Defenders of Solskjaer are now famous not only in the Premier League, but also in Europe for their ability ... "comedy". Only such words can be used to describe how the MU defenders rise halfway across the field to let Istanbul Basaksehir striker Demba Ba leisurely accept the ball behind his back and tape down to score. And can only be called a comedy when Man United's more than £ 200 million defense has only kept a clean sheet in the Premier League this season and received 13 goals in just 6 matches.

If Man United still plays like Arsenal or Istanbul Basaksehir, the chances of winning will be clearly in favor of Everton. The home team has extremely powerful attacking fuses like James Rodriguez or Calvert-Lewin, who have imprinted a total of 14 goals after 7 Premier League games this season. As long as the killer duo shines, Solskjaer can hardly avoid defeat against a team that he has never won in his career