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EPL: Villa vs Brighton

Aston Villa vs Brighton 

Bursting Arsenal to 3 goals without equalizing at Emirates, the Aston Villa players marked a period of extremely successful competition in the Premier League this season. On the contrary, Brighton is extremely struggling to find a truly safe foothold. With so bad performance at the present time, it is difficult to hope "Seagulls" to leave safely after a visit to Villa Park.

Aston Villa team - Premier League

Remember in the Premier League last season, Aston Villa struggled with a little luck to successfully relegate. After a summer without many changes, it was thought that Aston Villa will continue to have difficulty on the journey to complete the relegation goal. But after only 7 rounds, all doubts about the teachers and coaches Dean Smith were smashed. Accordingly, Aston Villa has up to 15 points and ranks 6th in the rankings. More specifically, Aston Villa won 5 and only lost 2. Even the home team is kicking 1 point less than the group and if the song triumphs in the match, of course Aston Villa will level off with the throne. Leicester head. The explosion of public goods with 18 goals against the opponent, in addition, the defense only conceding 9 goals is bringing success to Aston Villa. In the last round they even defeated Arsenal (3-0) on away field. Confidence is clearly something Aston Villa has in abundance at the moment.

Brighton team - Premier League

In contrast to the opponent, last season Brighton played very mature and completed the relegation goal quite early. Owning an equal force has helped "Seagulls" maintain the necessary stability. However, things are not going well for Brighton this season, when the visitors have to face a relegation battle very early. Accordingly, after 8 matches they won only 1 time, the remaining drew 3 and lost 4. The result made Brighton are still in 16th place on the standings with 6 points. The performance of Brighton has not shown any signs of progress, when in the last 7 consecutive appearances, they only know to draw and lose. Even in the above series of matches, they only drew 3 and had to receive 4 defeats. History also turns away from Brighton, when 6 times in the past, "Seagulls" have never won Aston Villa but drew 3 and lost 3.