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EPL: Villa vs Saints

After 5 games played in the Premier League this season, Aston Villa owns 12 points and is in the top group.  This is clearly an achievement that exceeded expectations when last season, it was not until the last round that Aston Villa was able to relegate successfully.  Remember, if you kick enough matches (and win), Aston Villa can completely rise to the top because it is no less than the group above and play less than 1 game (excluding this round).

On the other side of the front line, Southampton earned 10 points after 6 games played, which is worse than Aston Villa and this match also has to play away.  But quite surprising in such a context, Aston Villa was only ranked equal to Southampton (0: 0).

With this handicap, it seems that Southampton is the team that has received more confidence from the professionals.  It should be remembered that in the previous round, Aston Villa excitedly entered the confrontation with Leeds United thanks to a record of winning four consecutive matches before, but in the end, partly due to overconfidence, Aston Villa failed with a heavy score  -3.

But at the moment Southampton currently owns the competitive goods.  Her last 4 matches were unbeaten (won 3) and scored 8 goals.

Do not forget the last match Southampton defeated the top team Everton with a score of 2-0.  In terms of confrontation, Southampton has always maintained confidence in Aston Villa because of the last 3 clashes between the two sides, Southampton won, scored 9 goals and conceded only 3 times.  Further, 6 times before Aston Villa, Southampton was unbeaten and won 5.