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EPL: West Ham vs Villa

West Ham vs Aston Villa 

Aston Villa "dark horse" is clearly declining in recent times, it seems that after a period of sublimating competition, coach Dean Smith has been caught by opponents. Meanwhile, "Weight Hammer" West Ham is gradually regaining its form with consecutive impressive results recently. In this round, returning to the Olympic nest will be an opportunity for teachers and coaches David Moyes to continue sublimating.

West Ham team - Premier League

With only Sheffield Utd standing at the bottom of the table, West Ham took advantage of the opportunity to bring a 0-1 victory. Previously, "Sledgehammer" also got 3 points when receiving rookie Fulham. Thus, teachers and coaches David Moyes are making a very strong comeback after a difficult time before. Currently, they have 9th place in the standings with 14 points after 9 rounds. This rank is not too high but is acceptable for this team. The Olympic home ground is a really solid fortress for West Ham. When the last 5 times to welcome guests, they only drew 1 and won 4 matches. This season, West Ham played an impressive attack when there were 15 times to fire the opponent's net. While their defense also kept clean sheets in the last 2 matches. His confidence grew with West Ham ahead of this match. 

Aston Villa team - Premier League

Aston Villa played extremely sublimated in the early stages of the Premier League this season. However, things have not been going smoothly in the recent few rounds, when coach Dean Smith continuously received poor results. Statistics show that Aston Villa only won 1 and lost 3 in the last 4 rounds. The volatility is clearly evident in the way Aston Villa plays at the moment. Because they can win against Leicester or Arsenal, but they can also lose to Leeds, Southampton or Brighton. The special thing is that Aston Villa lost all 3 of their last home matches, but they also won all last 3 away matches. Up to now, Aston Villa has won 5 and lost 3 in 8 rounds. The results gave the army of coach Dean Smith 15 points and the 7th place in the rankings. With not winning all the last 5 encounters with West Ham and receiving 2 defeats in them, the upcoming trip is not easy.