L1: Plymouth vs Pompey

Plymouth vs Portsmouth

Although just a rookie just promoted from the League One playground, Plymouth is playing very mature and even entering the race in the first group. Meanwhile, Portsmouth also consecutively has impressive performances towards the Championship playing field next season. Whether with his experience, Portsmouth can subdue a rookie like Plymouth.

Plymouth - League One England

Last season Plymouth was still playing in League Two, but the impressive performance helped them get an extremely expensive promotion ticket. Despite being a rookie "wet feet", Plymouth is no stranger to the League One playground. Because of the fact they had to be relegated only two seasons ago and immediately returned to the familiar arena. The results partly show the stability and bravery of the Home Park home team. At the moment, Plymouth is also playing well and is not afraid of any opponent. After 10 rounds, they won 5, drew 3 and lost 2. The results gave Plymouth 18 points and ranked 8th in the rankings. Most recently they also beat Newport (3-1) in the League Cup playground. Previously, Plymouth also defeated Charlton (1-0) in the FA Cup. If considered in all competitions, Plymouth has won all 4 last appearances.

Portsmouth - League One England

If compared with his opponent, Portsmouth clearly appreciated for experience and bravery. It is not a surprising result when the away team has a long time in the Premier League in the past. Of course those glory were gone and now Portsmouth are cheating in the League One playground. The current form of Portsmouth is really impressive, when they have won 4/5 of the last round. Through a total of 11 rounds, Portsmouth are giving themselves 20 points and 7th place in the standings. So the away team is 5 points behind the lead and the promotion play-off group is 1 point. With that difference, Portsmouth can completely rise higher in the next time. Need to know that Portsmouth drew 3 and won 2 in the last 5 encounters with Plymouth.