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La Liga: Barça vs Betis

Although it is only the beginning of the season, it is not difficult to see that Barcelona is losing breath in the La Liga championship race this season. It seems that Coach Ronald Koeman has not been able to fully utilize his students' abilities. When the home team of the Nou Camp repeatedly fell before the teams that were underperforming. This round, after having an impressive performance in the Champions League, fans of the giant Barcelona are hoping that the beloved team will return to the winning streak in the most prestigious playground in bullfighting.

The mistakes that were not worthwhile in the lowering stage of last season made Barcelona lose the throne to the great rival Real Madrid. It seems that after a season of purifying the squad, along with the presence of coach Ronald Koeman, Barcelona will return to the race. But not when the gloom is covering the Nou Camp, when Barcelona has repeatedly brought negative results in La Liga. More specifically, after 6 rounds, Messi and his teammates won 2, drew 2 and lost 2. Even in the last 5 rounds in La Liga, Barcelona is experiencing a series of 4 consecutive matches, only known to draw and lose. Poor results made the teacher and coach Ronald Koeman only get 8 points and took 12th place in the rankings. Although there are 2 matches left in hand, Barcelona is 8 points behind Real Madrid.

As one of the teams with solid economic potential, along with the investments to upgrade the squad in recent years. But Real Betis still can not "turn dragon" as the ambition of this team set out BLD. In La Liga this season, despite not playing badly, Real Betis only fulfills its role. Accordingly, after 8 rounds, Real Betis won 4 victories and also received 4 defeats. With 12 points in hand, Real Betis is ranked 7th in the standings. The difference to the top 4 is only 2 points and the visitors still have many opportunities to break through. In the last appearance, Real Betis defeated Elche 3-1 in the home. The results partly help the visitors to be confident in their upcoming trip, when they only won 1 and lost 4 in the last 5 times against Barcelona.