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La Liga: VCF vs Madrid

Valencia is showing a very weak face in La Liga this season. At the present time, "Bats" are not only out of the top 4 competition but also face the risk of relegation battle. Confronted with a Real Madrid playing very steadily towards the goal of defending the throne. There is too little confidence to put in the home team right now.

In La Liga, the name Valencia is always appreciated for its capacity. Although they have not been able to step into the championship race for a long time, a position in the top 4 team is completely within reach of "Bats". That said, but at the present time, Valencia is in an extremely confusing decline. Through 8 La Liga rounds this season, coach Javi Gracia's teachers and coaches won 2, drew 2 and lost 4. With that result, this team is ranked 13th in the standings with 8 points meager. At this time, they were 6 points behind in the top 4 and the road ahead was really tough. Even Valencia is only 2 points better than the group holding the red light and if you do not play carefully, the prospect of falling into an unnecessary war is very easy. It is important to know that Valencia has received at least 2 goals in the last 4 appearances in La Liga.

Real Madrid's efforts in the second leg of La Liga last season helped this team pick sweet fruits. Obviously, toppling the rivalry Barcelona's dominance over the years makes the "White Vulture" not unhappy. Of course proclaiming the king is difficult, but successfully defending that title is equally arduous. Up to the present time, Real Madrid is fulfilling its duties well. After 7 rounds, they won 5, drew 1 and lost only 1. Currently the away team is giving themselves 16 points and 2nd place in the standings. They are only 1 point behind Real Sociedad and play less than 1 game. Recently, Real Madrid also has a valuable victory over Inter Milan (3-2) to bring back the first full 3 points in the Champions League. Winning 3 and losing only 1 in the last 5 encounters with Valencia helps the visitors feel more confident.