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La Liga: VFC vs Madrid

Villarreal vs Real Madrid 

Before the national championships took a break to make way for the national team, Real Madrid was extremely disappointed when Valencia buryed without mercy. That was a very strong punch to the ambition of "White Vulture" when before that they played extremely sublimated. Coming back after a 2-week break, Real Madrid will continue to face a huge challenge called Villarreal.

Villarreal team - La Liga 

Despite having to make a guest of the opponent very uncomfortable Getafe, but Villarreal still played very bravely to leave with 3 worthy points. Clearly a 3-1 victory with 56% possession on the away field, it is hard to criticize the performance of coach Unai Emery and his teachers. In the current La Liga chart, Villarreal is in second place. They have 18 points in 9 rounds and 2 points behind the top. Not only playing well in the domestic playground but "Golden Submarine" also continuously has impressive performances in the European arena. Accordingly, after 3 rounds in the Europa League, Villarreal won to bring back 9 full points. The results help them to be at the top of Group I and full of chances to advance to the next round. Calculated, the last 10 appearances in all competitions, Villarreal was completely unbeaten with a 2 draw and won 8.

Real Madrid team - La Liga 

As a guest of Valencia's "Bats" do not have good form in La Liga this season, Real Madrid is very confident to bring the next 3 points. Things were even more favorable when Benzema got a goal to clear the deadlock in the 23rd minute. But the time after that was Real Madrid's disaster. When midfielder Carlos Soler on the Valencia side had a flourishing day with 3 goals. Alternately, Raphael Varane's own own own goal caused Real Madrid to embrace a painful defeat 1-4. That defeat also ended the series of four unbeaten matches of coach Zinedine Zidane and his teachers. With 16 points after 8 rounds, Real Madrid now dropped to 4th place on the standings. The difference to the first place of Real Sociedad is 4 points and Real Madrid still has 1 game in hand. This round, being a guest of Villarreal will be a difficult challenge.