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Nations League: Belgium 🇧🇪 vs England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Belgium vs England 

The Belgian team is taking a huge advantage to be able to head towards the play-off ticket to enter the championship round. In the short term, teachers and coaches, coach Roberto Martínez, still have 2 matches to keep the top of the table. However, if you successfully defeat the Three Lions at this confrontation, the remaining challenge is quite easy with "Red Devil". Of course, with home advantage, De Bruyne and his teammates are very eager to reclaim the debt they borrowed in the first leg.

Belgium - UEFA Nations League

Belgian football in recent years has continuously developed to become one of the top football giants in the world. In the big playgrounds that Belgium attended, they also left many marks. Before entering the UEFA Nations League, Belgium also had a successful stage in the Euro qualifiers. Even coach Roberto Martínez's teacher and teacher won all 10 rounds, with the goal difference of 40-3. In Group B - UEFA Nations League - League A, "Red Devil" is also performing well to top the rankings with 9 points after 4 rounds. The difference to the two chasing teams is 2 points and the autonomy is completely within the reach of the home team, of course to keep the top, Belgium needs to retain all 3 points in this match. That is not an easy scenario, when their opponent is the very powerful British Lion. In terms of performance,

England - UEFA Nations League

Similar to his opponent, England is in a stage of excess talent. With a strong investment policy in youth training, the British Lion now owns a series of teen stars, but has been the backbone of Europe's leading big clubs. With the current forces, teachers and coaches Gareth Southgate are preparing very carefully for the Euro finals next summer. Of course before that, the England team will aim for the best results in the UEFA Nations League playground. The arena where the visitors are showing a losing stance against Belgium and even Denmark. After 4 matches played, he got himself 7 points and took 3rd place in the standings. In fact, if there was no unexpected defeat against Denmark in the last round, the situation would have been very bright for the Three Lions. Anyway, there is still a bit of confidence for coach Gareth Southgate and his students.