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Nations League: Bosnia 🇧🇦 vs Italy 🇮🇹

Bos-Herze vs Italy

Defeating Poland excellently in the previous round, Italy officially surpassed the opponent to climb to the top of Group A - UEFA Nations League - League A. At this time, the ticket to the semi-finals to win the championship. very close to the Azzurri. With just defeating Bosna & Hercegovina to officially have a ticket to continue, there is no reason for Italy to lose the victory.

Bosna & Hercegovina - UEFA Nations League

Located in the group stage there are the presence of the Netherlands, Poland and Italy. Right before Group A - UEFA Nations League - League A started this season, Bosna & Hercegovina was not appreciated. Everything up to the present time is not out of the experts' predictions. When Bosna & Hercegovina was officially relegated to League B before the final round took place. More specifically, the home team only got 2 points after 2 draws from the beginning of the season, besides 3 defeats after 5 matches. The results left Bosna & Hercegovina in the bottom position and 5 points behind the team. Thus, their fighting dynamics have been exhausted and perhaps Bosna & Hercegovina are not too salty with this reception. The past performance of Bosna & Hercegovina is very bad, when they only won 1 and had to receive 7 defeats in the last 10 appearances.

Italian team - UEFA Nations League

If his opponent was in dire straits, the Italian story was much better. Recently, the Azzurri had an excellent match when beating Poland (2-0) at home. It was the result that helped Italy quickly change the situation of the group. At this time, teachers and coaches Roberto Mancini are giving themselves 9 points after 5 rounds. The results helped Italy to be on top of the standings with 1 point more than the team chasing. Thus, self-determination is completely within the reach of Italy and they just need to beat Bosna & Hercegovina to get tickets to the semi-finals. It was not a difficult task, as their opponents were significantly inferior in terms of skill. Although being held by Bosna & Hercegovina in the first leg, but when they met two times before, Italy got the final victory.