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Nations League: Croatia 🇭🇷 vs Portugal 🇵🇹

Croatia vs Portugal

After the defeat against the main competitor France, the journey in the UEFA Nations League this season with Portugal is considered over. Because even winning or losing to Croatia, Ronaldo and his teammates have only second place in Group C. With Croatia, it is different, because this team needs to win to be sure that relegation will succeed. With completely different dynamics, the World Cup runner-up's ability to create a surprise is great.

Croatia - UEFA Nations League

The Croatia team entered Group C - UEFA Nations League - League A with great expectations from the fans. It is not difficult to understand when the Caro striped shirt team is the current world runner-up. However, with a somewhat "old" squad and not having too many outstanding young factors, Croatia is facing many difficulties before the top teams in the continent and the world. After 5 rounds, Croatia lost 4 and only won when they welcomed Sweden at home. But recently, Croatia also lost to Sweden itself and currently only stands above the opponent thanks to a better sub-index. With that situation, the risk of Croatia being pushed back to the bottom of the table with a ticket to play League B is very high. Therefore, to determine their fate, teachers and coaches Zlatko Dalic need to aim for a 3-point goal in the upcoming welcome to Portugal.

The Portuguese team - UEFA Nations League

The Portuguese team has officially become the former king of the UEFA Nations League after a 0-1 defeat to France. At this time, Portugal gave themselves 10 points and 2nd place in the rankings, they were 3 points behind France and lost their confrontation achievements. Therefore, regardless of the case in the last game, Portugal will finish second. That means, the goal of Ronaldo and his teammates in the UEFA Nations League this season is considered over. . Therefore, the encounter with Croatia here only has an honorable meaning with the coach of Fernando Santos. Of course not so that Portugal should be underestimated. By comparing the correlation of forces at the moment, the away team is clearly still quite superior to the opponent. In the first leg match, Portugal even crushed Croatia to 4-1.