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Nations League: England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 vs Iceland 🇮🇸

England vs Iceland

The recent series of declines are causing the Three Lions to pay a hefty price. From a team that took the initiative for the ticket to the semi-finals, now the opportunity with coaches and teachers Southgate has officially ended. The match against Iceland is now only of honor to the British team. And of course, despite disappointment, the Wembley team still has to fight for the honor of a big man.

England team - UEFA Nations League

Before Group B - UEFA Nations League - League A started this season, the British team is expected to join Belgium in creating the race towards the semi-final ticket. In fact, the Three Lions play very well in the first leg to hold the first place with 7 points. However, when the second leg started, Southgate teachers and coaches showed a very disappointing face. Accordingly, the Three Lions continuously lost to Denmark and Belgium to drop to the 3rd place in the standings. Currently with 7 points in hand, the British team has no chance to compete for the first place, when the gap to the Belgian team is already 5 points. Thus, the welcome of Iceland here only has an honorable meaning for the Wembley team. It can be said that, despite the great expectations, the attack of the Three Lions was disappointing when only scoring 3 goals after 5 matches. They even stunned all 3 matches in it. Of course, against a weak opponent like Iceland, it is difficult to win against England. The problem is that they need to improve a lot to dream of going further in the next big tournaments.

Icelandic team - UEFA Nations League

The participation in the UEFA Nations League - League A was really a great success for Iceland. Because League A brings together almost all of the top teams in Europe at this time. Therefore, the fact that Iceland does not play successfully is not a difficult scenario to understand. After 5 rounds, the away team was completely empty-handed without giving themselves any points. In general, the mark that Iceland left is very little, when their attackers had only 3 shots, besides the defense to concede 13 times. At this time, Iceland was sure to receive relegation tickets to play in League C next season. Therefore, they will play as comfortably as possible, and more importantly, they will aim to get points in this match. But on away field, Iceland has lost all 3 matches in all competitions. More broadly, Iceland also won only 1 and lost 6 in the last 7 appearances.