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Nations League: France 🇫🇷 vs Portugal 🇵🇹

France vs Portugal

The Department of Group C - UEFA Nations League - League A is straining like a string with the fierce competition between Portugal and France. At this time, the two teams are leading the way in the standings and are only inferior to each other in terms of goal difference. Thus, the next match will be of decisive significance to the ticket to continue to the play-off round. Let's wait and see, whether Portugal or France is the name that will have fun after this encounter.

Portugal - UEFA Nations League

Before entering the reception for the French team at Da Luz's home ground, the Portuguese players had a warm match with Andorra. As a result, teacher and coach Fernando Santos made the opponent 7-0. Although it was only a weak opponent, Portugal's morale was clearly rising after that victory. It can be said that this is the period that Portugal is playing very stably. They are unbeaten in the last 9 matches and won 7 of them. If only at home performance, Portugal drew 2 and won 8 in 10 recent welcoming guests. In Group C - UEFA Nations League - League A, teacher and coach Fernando Santos has 10 points after 4 rounds. In their last appearance, Portugal beat Sweden at home with a score of 3-0. Not only possessing extremely explosive public goods with the top Ronaldo but also the Portuguese defense is playing very well.

French - UEFA Nations League

The French team did not have the best mental condition before entering this match. A few days ago coach Didier Deschamps suddenly lost to Finland (0-2) at home. The match that the stars of Les Bleus played disappointed and completely silent. Of course not just because of 1 match but underestimate the world champions. It is important to know that France is unbeaten 10 times before, in which they draw 2 and win to 8. In Group C - UEFA Nations League - League A, France now has the same 10 points as Portugal and only worse. on subscript. Thus, the away team needs at least not to lose in the next match and wait until the final series to decide their fate. Of course, France also has reason to be confident in the upcoming trip, when the last 5 away games they won. Not to mention.