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Nations League: France 🇫🇷 vs Sweden 🇸🇪

France vs Sweden

France has just proven the strength of the world champion when defeating Portugal on the mecca of the opponent. That result officially helped coach Didier Deschamps' army have tickets to enter the play-off round before the lower round took place. Of course, not so that France will give up in this match, especially when they are playing at Stade de France's home field.

France - UEFA Nations League

Before entering the last two matches of Group C - UEFA Nations League - League A, the French team had a disappointing match when they unexpectedly lost to Finland (0-2) at home. It seemed that it was a punch to the ambition of coach Didier Deschamps and his students. But the world champion has smashed all doubts with the victory on Portugal's field. With 3 points obtained, France now has 13 points and is sure to get the top spot with a ticket to continue to the play-off round to win the championship. Thus, the match with Sweden here only brings procedural thoughts with "Rooster". Of course, France will still play hard in the next match because of its honor. Remember, in the last 10 appearances, they only have to receive exactly 1 defeat. Winning both times to welcome Sweden recently is even more the basis for coach Didier Deschamps' confidence.

Sweden - UEFA Nations League

Despite knowing Sweden is the team that is underestimated before Group C - UEFA Nations League - League A starts this season. However, seeing their performance, fans were still disappointed. Through 5 rounds, teachers and coaches Janne Andersson had only 3 points and stood at the bottom of the table. After 4 consecutive defeats, Sweden recently got their first victory when they beat Croatia at home. With 3 points obtained, Sweden has relived the hope of relegation when equaling points with Croatia and only behind because of being worse in sub-index. Even Sweden has the same goal difference of -6 as Croatia has scored fewer goals. Croatia also faced a great challenge named Portugal in the final round. It is likely that both Sweden and Croatia are empty-handed and limiting the number of goals will be Sweden's priority at this time.