Nations League: Ireland 🇮🇪 vs Bulgaria 🇧🇬

Ireland vs Bulgaria

Only having to welcome weak opponents Bulgaria in the next 6th match will be a good opportunity for the Irish players to win their first battle in the UEFA Nations League.

Ireland - UEFA Nations League 

In the last Euro 2020 qualifiers, Ireland did not really succeed when only finishing third. However, they were in the group stage with 2 quite strong representatives, Switzerland and Denmark. In the Play-off match, coach Stephen Kenny's army lost to Sovakia, this result made their chances of playing in the Euro finals disappear.

Ireland's recent performance is still very blurred, in 5 matches played in the UEFA Nations League they cannot win even 1 victory, the best achievement is 2 draws. Although the defense is not playing badly, the ability to take advantage of the opportunity is extremely poor. Indeed, the Irish players have only conceded 4 times in 5 matches already, but attackers have only scored 1 goal. In fact, this is not too difficult to understand when they own a few quality names in the downline like Kevin Long or Matthew Doherty.

Bulgaria - UEFA Nations League 

Về phía Bulgaria, họ chỉ giành được vỏn vẹn 6 điểm sau 8 lượt trận tại bảng A ở vòng loại Euro 2020 vừa qua. Cơ hội để đội bóng xứ sở hoa hồng cũng đã hết khi để thua Hungary ở trận Play-off. Thực tế thì có giai đoạn đoàn quân của HLV Mihail Nikolov Madanski thi đấu tương đối tốt nhưng họ đã không thể duy trì được sự ổn định để rồi sa sút một cách không phanh.

In this UEFA Nations League, none other than Bulgaria itself is the bottom team with only 1 point won after 5 matches. Calculated, the last 5 matches they have to admit defeat. Whether played at home or away, the Bulgarian players showed an extremely weak face. The attack line is fragmented and the defense plays lack of concentration. In fact, this is not too surprising when their abilities are somewhat limited and their current performance is extremely poor. Obviously, a difficult match awaits Bulgaria on its next trip.