Nations League: Italy ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น vs Poland ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ฑ

Italy vs Poland

Italy will welcome Poland at home in the fifth round of Group A - UEFA Nations League - League A. A victory will help the team to overcome the opponent to reach the top of the chart. With home advantage and a very stable performance at the moment, will Italy achieve their goals. Before their eyes will be an uncomfortable "White Eagle".

Italy - UEFA Nations League

Located in the group stage with the presence of Poland and the Netherlands, the Italian team is expected to be very difficult to head towards the ticket to the play-off round to take the throne. Up to the present time, everything is going as predicted by experts. When these 3 names are in extremely fierce competition to aim for the top spot. Even just 1 match will completely change the situation on the overall rankings. At this time, Italy has 6 points after 4 rounds, the result comes from 3 draws and 1 victory. With the 2nd position holding and only 1 point behind the top of Poland. Coach Mancini's teachers and students have no choice but to beat Poland in the next match to climb to the top. Italy's current form is very impressive to be able to aim for that goal. Accordingly, the last 10 appearances they were completely unbeaten when they drew 3 and won 7.

Poland - UEFA Nations League

In fact, before Group A - UEFA Nations League - League A started this season, Poland was not as appreciated as the Netherlands and Italy. But with great determination, "White Eagle" has competed bravely to currently reign at the top of the rankings. Specifically, after 4 rounds, they have 7 points for themselves to create a great advantage for the race towards the play-off ticket to compete for the throne. After losing to Holland in the opening round, Poland was unbeaten in the next 3 matches and won 2 of them. The "White Eagle" is also the team that owns the best public goods in the group with 5 goals against the opponent. In addition, Poland's form is also very stable when drawing 1 and winning 4 in the last 5 appearances. The problem is that Poland did not have a good record against Italy. Accordingly, the last 4 encounters, Poland drew 2 and lost 2.