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Nations League: N Ireland ❤️ vs Romania 🇷🇴

Northern Ireland vs Romania

The Northern Ireland team needs at least 1 point at the upcoming reception of Romania in order to maintain their small relegation hopes, but Romania is not a dream and they will aim for at least 1 point to ensure relegation. 1 round early. With the above specific goals, let's wait and see if Northern Ireland or Romania will fulfill their goals.

Northern Ireland - UEFA Nations League

Although there was an opening goal from Josh Magennis's work, but Northern Ireland left Austria to successfully return to the tide. That failure continued to prolong the series of disappointments of coach and coach Ian Baracluogh and this team faced a great risk of relegation to play in League C next season. Currently, after going through 5 rounds, Northern Ireland lost 4 and drew only 1. The result made them buried in the bottom position and 3 points behind Romania. In the first leg match, the two teams drew together with a score of 1-1. So, if you beat Romania in this match, Northern Ireland will be equal, but surpass the opponent because it is better in confronting achievements. That is the only chance for Northern Ireland to relegate successfully. Of course at that time Northern Ireland played all 6 matches, Romania alone will have a confrontation with Austria to decide on its own fate.

Romania - UEFA Nations League

Whether relegation is successful or not, this is still a disappointing UEFA Nations League for Romania. That is because Romania's strength is enough to compete with Austria and Norway, but they have really weak performances. After 4 rounds, they only brought 4 points and ranked 3rd in the standings. At this time, the opportunity to compete for the first place is over and Romania is even facing the risk of relegation. With 2 consecutive defeats in the last 2 rounds and the attackers are unable to score, Romania is really in a crisis that is not small. Away field is even more a concern for Romania when they have lost both matches away from home. It should be noted that in the first leg match, Romania also only gets 1 point at home against Northern Ireland. Therefore, the difficulty is indisputable, especially when their opponents will be bursting with strength for the hope of last relegation.