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Nations League: Netherlands 🇳🇱 vs Bosnia 🇧🇦

Netherlands vs Bosnia 

Be appreciated before the UEFA Nations League - League A this season starts. But the Netherlands made the fans of the home team not more disappointed. At this time, the door to the play-off round is gradually closing and the Netherlands needs to play extremely hard in the last two rounds. In the next 5th match, against the weakest opponent in the table like Bosnia & Herzegovina, the "orange tornado" has no reason to drop the victory.

Netherlands - UEFA Nations League

After the departure of coach Ronald Koeman, the Dutch team suddenly plummeted without braking. Although the new coach De Boer has tried to turn things around, their performance story is not really bright. In Group A - UEFA Nations League - League A, the Netherlands is only ranked third in the rankings. After 4 rounds, they won 1, drew 2 and lost 1. The result only helped the Netherlands get 5 points and are behind the two teams ranked 1 and 2 points respectively. With only the top team having tickets to enter the play-offs, the Netherlands clearly had to play extremely hard in the last two rounds. The performance of this time of the Amsterdam Arena team is not positive, when they draw 3 and lose 2 in the last 5 appearances. At home, the Netherlands did not win all of the last 3 visits. Therefore, encountering a weak opponent like Bosnia & Herzegovina will be a chance for the Netherlands to return to victory.

Bosnia & Herzegovina - UEFA Nations League

Located in the group stage there are the presence of Poland, Italy and the Netherlands. Of course Bosnia & Herzegovina is the most underrated and is a candidate for a ticket to play in League B next season. Up to the present time, everything is going on as the experts say. Accordingly, after 4 rounds, they won when they drew 2 and lost 2. With only 2 points in hand, Bosnia & Herzegovina is standing at the bottom of the table. Thus, if they lose to the Netherlands in this match, Bosnia & Herzegovina will officially be relegated before a round. The difficulty is piling up with the away team, when this team only won 2 and lost 6 in the last 10 appearances. In the first leg match, Bosnia & Herzegovina surprised when holding the Netherlands (0-0). But having to kick away at this reunion, it is too difficult for Bosnia & Herzegovina to surprise.