Poland vs Netherlands

Embracing Italy's defeat on the field in the previous round, Poland was taken the first place by the opponent. Thus, in theory although they still have the opportunity to return to the top of the table with the ticket to the semi-finals. But Poland is the most disadvantaged name compared to Italy and the Netherlands. Of course, a victory over the Netherlands and waiting for Italy to stumble in the final round is the goal that "White Eagle" is aiming for. But indeed, those are too difficult tasks for Poland now.

Polish team - UEFA Nations League

In Europe, Poland is of course a team that is highly prized for its ability. However, if compared with two opponents in the same group, the Netherlands and Italy, the "White Eagle" is still much better. After what happened in Group A - UEFA Nations League - League A this season, Poland has partly shown its immaturity. Most recently, they lost to Italy (0-2), resulting in Poland from the top team being pushed down to 3rd place with 2 points behind Italy and 1 point compared to the Netherlands. Thus, self-determination is no longer within the reach of Poland and they will have to fight hard in the next match of the curtain. Of course, Poland has reason to be confident in the upcoming welcome to the Netherlands. Need to know that "White Eagle" has been unbeaten all 5 times to welcome guests, in that series they had triumphal songs to 4 matches.

The Netherlands - UEFA Nations League

The Netherlands is probably the most expected team in Group A - UEFA Nations League - League A this season. But under the new coach Frank de Boer, "Orange whirlwind" continuously brought disappointment to the fans. Over the past 5 rounds, the Netherlands has given themselves 8 points and is ranked 3rd in the standings. Most recently they beat Bosnia & Herzegovina (3-1) at home. However, before that, the Dutch experienced a series of 5 unsuccessful matches when they drew 3 and lost 2. It was even more difficult for the Netherlands when they drew both away matches in the UEFA Nations League this season. Anyway, history is completely supporting the Netherlands when they have won all of their last 4 encounters with Poland. In the first leg match, the Netherlands also has a minimal victory at home.