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Nations League: Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 vs Israel 🇮🇱

Scotland vs Israel

Embracing the defeat of the Czech Republic in the previous round, Israel is making it difficult for itself on the journey to find a ticket to stay in League B. Although still holding self-determination in hand, but having to face a more Scotland must be on level in the last round. Perhaps Israel will have to wait for luck to come in the other match or not.

Israel - UEFA Nations League

As a weak team in Europe, so that Israel can climb to League B is a commendable achievement. Of course, with a somewhat inferior level to the remaining teams, Israel is really having trouble on the journey towards relegation. Currently, teachers and coaches Ruttensteiner have 5 points for themselves after 5 rounds and 3rd place in the rankings. They have run out of opportunities to compete for the top spot and are really thirsty to not fall in danger. That is because Israel is only 1 point better than the bottom team, Slovakia. Thus, if Israel loses to Scotland and their opponents win in the last match, of course coach Ruttensteiner will have to say goodbye to League B. In terms of form, Israel is playing quite badly when only winning 2 and must have received up to 6 defeats in the last 10 appearances.

Scottish team - UEFA Nations League

The Scottish visitors had just dug a hole to bury themselves when they unexpectedly lost to Slovakia in the last round. Remember that the opponent is at the bottom of the table and has drawn 1, lost 3 in the previous 4 rounds. Thus, Scotland has also lost the chance to win an early promotion ticket and must enter the final match against Israel. Return to Group B - UEFA Nations League - League B this season. The Scottish team is giving themselves 10 points and is at the top of the table. They are 1 point ahead of 2nd place in the Czech Republic and just beat Israel will officially have a ticket to play in League A next season. It is a completely possible scenario, where 6 times before they lost only 1 and won 3 matches. In terms of form, Scotland is also playing better than their opponents when they only lost 1/10 of their last appearances.