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Nations League: Slovakia 🇸🇰 vs Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Slovakia vs Scotland

Both Slovakia and Scotland have just made a miracle when they won the play-off final for the Euro 2021 finals. Forget about that joy, Slovakia will return to the UEFA Nations League - League B playground and face the risk. Relegation is imminent. In a situation where they must win in this match, let's wait and see if the advantage of the field helps Slovakia achieve the goal.

Slovakia - UEFA Nations League

Must play the play-off final to compete for the Euro 2021 finals on Northern Ireland Stadium. However, Slovakia played extremely bravely to overcome the opponent with a score of 2-1. A tough victory when Slovakia needs extra time to get a very valuable ticket. Returning to the UEFA Nations League - League B playground, Slovakia is now facing the risk of going down to play in League C next year. Accordingly, after 4 matches, Slovakia did not win but drew 1 and lost 3. The poor result caused the home team to be at the bottom of Group B and 4 points behind the team. Thus, if you do not win this match, Slovakia will officially relegate before 1 round. The situation is, but Slovakia is not playing too well at the moment. In the last 10 appearances, they have only won exactly 1 match, For both matches in the play-off round to compete for the Euro 2021 finals, Slovakia needed extra time to get tickets. However, Slovakia still has a reason of confidence, because the only time they welcomed Scotland at home, they had a strong 3-0 victory.

Scottish team - UEFA Nations League

The Scottish team has made really strong strides in recent years. Their achievement is their ticket to the Euro 2021 finals next summer. To achieve that achievement, Scotland had to work hard to overcome Israel and especially Serbia. In the final match against Serbia, despite being a guest, Scotland played very bravely. Despite the fortunate penalty shoot-out, there was no denying the great performance of McTominay and his teammates. Back to the UEFA Nations League playground, Scotland is a good candidate for promotion ticket to League A next season. Through 4 matches they brought back 10 points and were solid on the top of the standings. The difference to the chasing team is 4 points and just 1 more victory will officially help Scotland successfully promoted. Scotland's form is absolutely impressive, drawing 2 and winning 7 in the last 9 appearances. In addition to having won Slovakia 2 most recent encounters, confidence is something Scotland has in abundance now.