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Nations League: Spain 🇪🇸 vs Swiss🇨🇭

Spain vs Switzerland 

A defeat against Spain caused Switzerland to be officially relegated and will have to be in League B next year. Unfortunately, that scenario is very easy to happen when the opponents of teachers and coach Vladimir Petkovic are going to be too powerful "Bulls". Not to mention that Spain is forced to win to maintain the first place with a play-off ticket to the next round.

Swiss - UEFA Nations League

Group D - UEFA Nations League - League A this season also includes Germany and Ukraine. Therefore, it is understandable that Switzerland is in trouble. However, it is undeniable that the teachers and coaches of Vladimir Petkovic play too weakly. Going through 4 rounds, but Switzerland did not claim any victory. They drew 2 and lost 2, brought in a meager 2 points and came in last place. The difference to the team ranked above is already 4 points and if it fails to beat Spain in this match, Switzerland will officially drop to League B next year. The performance of Switzerland is also very alarming when it drew 2 and lost 4 in the last 6 appearances. Even at home, Switzerland did not win both the last 2 welcoming guests. Difficulties piled up with Switzerland when they only won 1 and lost 4 in 7 matches against Spain in the past.

Spain - UEFA Nations League

Spain has just held a 1-1 draw in a series of friendly matches on the Dutch field. Previously, teachers and coach Luis Enrique had to lose 0-1 at Ukraine. The results make Spain are in a difficult position and risk losing the play-off ticket. Accordingly, after 4 rounds, they are giving themselves 7 points and leading position in the standings. However, Spain is just over two teams, followed by Germany and Ukraine by 1 point. So the risk of being kicked off is very large, especially when "Gaur" will have a direct clash with the German team in the last round. The performance of Spain this time is not too good, when the last 10 appearances they only won exactly 4 matches. On away field, things get worse for Spain when they only know to draw and lose in the last 5 trips away from home.