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Nations League: Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 vs Ireland 🇮🇪

Wales vs Ireland 

A victory over Ireland will help Wales get closer to promotion to League A next season. In front of an opponent who is too poor in strength, victory is difficult to escape the reach of coach R. Giggs, especially when they are playing on a familiar home.

Wales - UEFA Nations League

The Welsh team is reaching out to become a force of European football in recent years. Owning a squad of stars from the top clubs on the continent. Besides, it is the guidance of coach R. Giggs, it can be said that Wales will continue to grow strongly in the coming time. In the Euro 2021 qualifiers, Wales also got a ticket to attend the finals next summer. Particularly in Group D - UEFA Nations League - League B, Wales also has a very convincing performance. After 4 rounds, they drew 1 and won 3, the result helped them get 10 points with the top of the rankings. Thus, the prospect of playing in League A next season comes very close to Wales. Of course, there are still two rounds ahead and this team still has to work very hard. Remember, the difference to the second place team is just 1 point. In terms of performance. 

Irish Team - UEFA Nations League

Disappointment is what best describes the performance of the Irish team in Group D - UEFA Nations League - League B this season. After 4 rounds, the visitors do not know the taste of victory when they draw 2 and lose 2. The result makes them stand at 3rd place on the standings and may fall to the bottom of the table at any time. Owning public goods only scored 1 goal up to now, it is clear that Ireland is continuously having really weak performances. In terms of form, with the last 7 consecutive appearances, Ireland only knows to draw and lose. Away is also Ireland's obsession when they have 7 consecutive wins. Difficulties piled up with this team when they drew 1 and lost 2 in the last 3 encounters with Wales. Obviously the upcoming trip will not be easy for the away team players.