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Premier League: Crystal Palace vs Newcastle United

Crystal Palace vs Newcastle United

Both Crystal Palace and Newcastle have been in a marked decline in recent times. Therefore, meeting each other in this round will be an opportunity for the two teams to return with a winning trajectory. Will Crystal Palace successfully take advantage of the backbone of the home field to retain 3 points. Or Newcastle in a dangerous situation will successfully overcome difficulties to stay away from the red light area.

Crystal Palace team - Premier League

As a guest of Burnley, the opponent has not previously had any victory in the Premier League this season. However, Crystal Palace was disappointed and became the first champion of the Turf Moor Stadium team. It was a match that Crystal Palace proved better in terms of the game, even launched 15 situations to finish but could not score. So, right after the victory when receiving Leeds (4-1) earlier, Crystal Palace returned to the ground. A very familiar image of Coach Roy Hodgson's teachers and students this season. Currently, after 9 matches they won 4, drew 1 and lost 4. The result gave Crystal Palace 13 points and ranked 11th in the rankings. In this round, having to welcome only one opponent is also downhill like Newcastle. The chance for Crystal Palace to return to winning streak is huge. 

Newcastle team - Premier League

Newcastle's situation is even worse now than Crystal Palace. When teachers and teachers Steve Bruce continuously played down and there was no sign of stopping. In the last 5 rounds they only won 1 and had to receive 3 defeats. Including the 2 most recent defeats against Southampton and Chelsea. Even the two matches mentioned above, they both lost 2 goals and did not fire even once. Thus, after 9 rounds, they won 3, drew 2 and lost 4. Only 11 points made "Choy" drop to 15th place on the rankings. Strikes are a big problem for Newcastle, as they have only scored 10 goals since the start of the season. While the visitors' defense has conceded 15 times. Away is even more dangerous for Newcastle when this team has not won all four recent marches away from home. Plus the failure to win as a guest of Crystal Palace in the last 6 times in all competitions. Obviously, the trip here will be a lot of challenges with coach Steve Bruce and his students. 
Crystal Palace vs Newcastle United