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Premier League: Everton vs Leeds United

Everton vs Leeds United 

Struggling to defeat rookie Fulham in the previous round, so Everton finally returned to the winning circuit after 3 consecutive defeats. In the next 10th round, the only need to welcome the next rookie is Leeds, it is clear that coach Carlo Ancelotti's teachers and coaches have a huge opportunity to retain 3 points.

Everton team - Premier League

As a guest of rookie Fulham in very bad form, Everton took advantage of the opportunity to win 3-2. However, it is undeniable that Everton struggled to leave with 3 full points. Compared to the period at the beginning of the season, Everton has been much worse. At this time, coaches and coaches Carlo Ancelotti are in sixth place with 16 points across 9 rounds. In the last 5 appearances, Everton only won 1, drew 1 and received 3 defeats. Anyway, the difference to the top 4 is only 2 points and Everton has absolutely the basis to rise in the near future. The home field will be the basis for Everton to aim for 3 points in the next match. Remember that the last 5 times they picked up their guests, they only lost 1 and won 3. The problem is that Everton lost both recently against Leeds. Therefore, coach Carlo Ancelotti and his students need to be very careful at this welcome.

Leeds team - Premier League

After 16 years to return to the Premier League, Leeds played extremely explosive at the beginning of the season. At that time, the professionals also highly appreciated Leeds, even considering this rookie the "dark horse" of the tournament. However, Leeds' boom period did not last too long and now they have returned to the face of a weak rookie. The evidence is that the last 5 rounds of Leeds won only 1 and held hatred up to 3 matches. In which, in the last 3 consecutive rounds, they only know about draw and lose. In the closest match away from home, Leeds lost to Crystal Palace carpet (1-4). Currently, after 9 rounds, Leeds is giving themselves 11 points and 14th place in the standings. With a defense that has conceded 17 times since the beginning of the season, there is obviously a lot to do with Leeds next time.