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Premier League: Man City vs Burnley

Man City vs Burnley FC 

Beat Crystal Palace with the minimum score in the previous round, so after a long period of crisis, Burnley had his first Premier League victory this season. However, it is too unlucky for coach Sean Dyche and his students, when they have found a little trust, they have to face Man City in the next round. In front of an opponent who is much better in terms of strength and has to be a guest, the door with points with Burnley is really too narrow.

Man City team - Premier League

The only goal of midfielder Phil Foden helped Man City gently overcome Olympiacos (1-0) in Greece in the fourth match of Group C- Champions League. Thus, after 4 matches they won to bring back 12 complete points with the top of the table. The results helped them to definitely have tickets to go to the next round and this was the time when coach Pep Guardiola's teachers and coaches focused more on the Premier League playground. The arena where they are facing too many difficulties since the beginning of the season. More specifically, after 8 matches they won 3, drew 3 and lost 2. With only 12 points in hand, Man City fell to 13th place on the chart. Right now they are 7 points behind and need a comeback as quickly as possible. In the last round Man City lost to Tottenham (0-2), the results were really shameful for Kevin De Bruyne and his teammates. The next time he played, Just having to welcome Burnley will be a better chance for Man City to keep 3 points. Remember that coach Pep Guardiola has won all the last 5 times against this opponent.

Burnley Team - Premier League

The only goal of veteran striker Chris Wood helped Burnley unexpectedly beat Crystal Palace. Although there are 3 points, it is undeniable that Burnley's bad performance during the past time. Even that is the first victory of teachers and coach Sean Dyche in the Premier League this season. The evidence is that after 8 rounds they won 1, drew 2 and had to receive 5 defeats. With only a meager 5 points in hand, Burnley is ranked 17th in the rankings. With this ranking, the prospect of Burnley falling into a red light area can come at any time. Be aware that Burnley is the name with the worst attacker in the tournament with only 4 goals since the beginning of the season. Plus the fact that he has never won 11 trips as a guest in the past, it is too difficult to hope for a surprise that Burnley can create. 
Man City vs Burnley