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Serie A: AC Milan vs ACFF

Milan vs Fiorentina

Embracing defeat at home to rookie Benevento, the Fiorentina players marked an extremely poor stage in Serie A this season. On the contrary, AC Milan is showing an extremely bright face and is a bright candidate for the throne this season. Along with a very stable performance, it is not difficult for coach Stefano Pioli to cut a weak Fiorentina.

AC Milan - SerieATIM 

After many years of continuous investment but did not bring impressive results on the pitch, perhaps this is a better time for AC Milan to reap the titles. Through 8 rounds in Serie A this season, coach and coach Stefano Pioli won 6 and drew 2. Thus, with 20 points in hand, AC Milan is firmly at the top of the rankings and 2 points more than the team. Ranked later. Up to this point, AC Milan, together with Sassuolo and Juventus are three names that have not received any failure since the beginning of the season. In fact, AC Milan's impressive form has lasted since last season. Evidence is that the last 30 appearances in all competitions, AC Milan only lost 1 match. Only in the Serie A playground, coach and coach Stefano Pioli did not lose the last 20 matches. The problem is that there are signs of fatigue when AC Milan only won 2/5 matches. Therefore. 

Fiorentina - SerieATIM 

Fiorentina fans clearly couldn't be pleased after seeing their pet team play all the time. Last weekend, the students of coach Cesare Prandelli even lost to rookie Benevento (0-1) at home. It was also the third consecutive round that Fiorentina could not win. Since the beginning of the season, Fiorentina won only 2, drew 2 and lost 4 after 8 appearances. 15th place has the same 8 points, which partly reflects Fiorentina's poor performance. Even the last 3 matches, this team could not score. So, in 9 recent marches away from home, Fiorentina won only 2 matches. Not to mention Fiorentina's personnel situation is also not positive, because Ribery and Bonaventura are not sure to be able to play.