Napoli vs AC Milan 

The focus of the eighth round of Serie A this season will be the great battle between Napoli and AC Milan. The two teams are competing fiercely on the way to the throne. At this time, a victory will help Napoli surpass the opponent, but with a too stable form at this time, can AC Milan easily be subdued.

Napoli - SerieATIM 

Only as a guest of Bologna who is cheating in the bottom group of the chart, Napoli successfully took advantage of the opportunity to bring 3 points properly. It can be said that, after failing the whole season in the previous season, the teachers and coaches of Gattuso are showing great determination. After 7 rounds, they won 5 and lost 2, which resulted in Bologna getting the third place in the standings with 14 points. The reason is that Napoli lost 1 point. Even if not lost to Juventus (0-3) with a minus penalty, then perhaps Napoli is the name standing on the top of the chart at this time. Napoli's performance is relatively impressive when he won the last 4/5 appearances. At the Europa League playground, Napoli also has 6 points with the top of Group F. The problem is that Gattuso's teachers and coaches have lost both of their last two home matches, a huge obstacle to Napoli before the arrival of visitors.

AC Milan - SerieATIM 

AC Milan's visitors have just made it difficult for themselves on their journey towards the Serie A crown this season. Even so lucky, AC Milan can hold Verona at home. The match in which they lost 2 goals very early and had to rely on Ibrahimovic's shine in the 90 + 3 minute to retain 1 point. Anyway, AC Milan did not lose and still kept an unbeaten record in Serie A this season. Accordingly, after going through 7 rounds they won 5 and drew 2. Now with 17 points in hand, AC Milan is at the top position on the standings. Confidence is greater with AC Milan ahead of the upcoming trip. When Ibrahimovic and his teammates drew 1 and won 4 in the last 5 away matches. So, four recent encounters with Napoli in all competitions, AC Milan have not lost.