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Serie A: Naples vs Rome

Napoli vs Roma 

Hugging hatred at home in front of AC Milan, Napoli showed that he still had too much uncertainty this season. Although just returned to winning streak after returning from the European playground. But in this round, teachers and coaches Gatttuso will have to face an unpleasant challenge called AS Roma. In front of an opponent who is in high form, the ability to add a hatred is very great for Napoli.

Napoli - SerieATIM 

Disappointing last season and couldn't even get tickets to the Champions League playground. Therefore, Napoli has a very high determination towards the Serie A championship race this season. However, the game is quite unstable, making Gatttuso's teachers and teachers difficult with their goals. Over 8 rounds, Napoli won 5 and received 3 defeats. Plus 1 point deduction for not attending the match with Juventus. At this moment, Napoli only has 14 points and is ranked 7th in the rankings. Obviously, aiming to the championship race, or at least having tickets to attend the Champions League next season, Napoli will have to make a lot more effort. Napoli's home field record also makes fans extremely worried. Accordingly, 4 times recently, the San Paolo home team had to receive 3 defeats. Particularly at the Europa League playground, Surprisingly, Napoli is playing impressive with 9 points obtained after 4 rounds. The results helped them topped Group F and full of opportunities to continue.

AS Roma team - SerieATIM 

After so many years, AS Roma fans can now see their favorite team in the championship race. Even this team is playing extremely mature and is not afraid of any opponent. Through 8 matches played in Serie A this season, AS Roma won 5 draw 2 and lost 1. Currently with 14 points, teachers and coaches Fonseca are standing at 4th place in the standings. They are only 3 points behind AC Milan's first place. Even if you beat Napoli in this match, the Roma team will certainly get at least second place in the league. A motivation is not small for AS Roma to strive. It is important to know that this team has won all of the last 5 appearances in all competitions. As a result, AS Roma are also unbeaten in the last 10 games and have 8 wins in them.  
Napoli vs Roma