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Serie A: Sassuolo vs Inter Milan

Sassuolo vs Inter Milan 

Being rated higher than Sassuolo in the next round, but promises a game that is not easy waiting for Inter Milan players when the opponent is considered a "dark horse" in this season.

Sassuolo team - SerieATIM 

Not appreciated, but Sassuolo is creating a great surprise this season when he is in the top two strongest teams on the rankings with 18 points obtained after 8 rounds, just behind the top team AC Milan. 2 points. They do not have a quality squad, but they have a connection in their gameplay as well as a very high fighting spirit.

Besides, the feeling of playing and the performance of the current players is very good. As a calculation, the army of coach Roberto De Zerbi still retains an unbeaten record with 5 wins and 3 draws. In the last 3 rounds, they did not concede 1 goal, this shows that the defense is playing very concentrated. Even the team that is having a strong comeback like Napoli must also finish before Sassuolo at home with 2 goals not equalized. It is not difficult to see the Sassuolo players possessing a very effective defensive defensive style.

Inter Milan team - SerieATIM 

As for Inter Milan, they got themselves 15 points after 8 rounds and are temporarily ranked 5th on the rankings. It seems that the tension in the Champions League kick has made their performance not as expected. Romelu Lukaku and his teammates had to work very hard to defeat Torino despite playing at home.

It can be seen that, with strong strength, Inter Milan players still control the game quite well. However, the certainty of the current teacher and coach Conte is not really good. Remember, the Italian coach is a master of tuna prevention. However, the green half of Milan has continuously conceded, even from 2 or more goals in a match. This partly shows that their defense is having problems. Still know that they have good goalscorers, but if they do not soon overcome their weaknesses, Inter Milan may have to embrace hatred, in the immediate future, the battle with Sassuolo is coming.