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UCL: Atalanta vs LFC

Liverpool is Atalanta's biggest rival since this Italian team entered the Champions League playground! That will be a great motivation for the "country" team in the richest Lombardy region of northern Italy to fight. 

Despite being a representative of one of Europe's biggest football backgrounds, Atalanta's stature is very limited. Alejandro Gomez, the highest-paid person in this team, receives only 2 million euros / year, approximately 2/3 of the income of a reserve goalkeeper (Adrian) on Liverpool payroll.

In the previous match, Atalanta was led 2-0 by Ajax at home, but the army of Coach Gasperini fought fiercely to regain 1 point. Atalanta's message is that this Bergamo football team does not want the Champions League journey unfinished, especially when they reached the quarter-finals last season. 

Atalanta has an unstable record recently, being able to play a game for life, but the next game was disappointing. However, it is something that a team with limited force like Atalanta cannot avoid. Coach Gasperini himself said a few days ago that he did not want to choose between Serie A and the Champions League! Because both of these tournaments are very important to the club and the Atalanta fans, who are living in a rare top-notch football atmosphere.

Did Atalanta players scare the mighty army of coach Juergen Klopp ? Of course, in terms of individuals, Atalanta can not be compared to Liverpool. But the Italian team has a strong and united team. In addition, Atalanta is also supported from the field of field, although no spectators of the home team are allowed to appear on the Gewiss shrine. 

Liverpool have lost all the last 4 times to march to Italy in the Champions League. In the 2009/10 season, Liverpool had to stop in the group stage partly because of a 0-2 defeat against Fiorentina. In the 2017/18 season, The Kop lost 2-4 at Roma's field in the semi-final second leg. In the last two seasons, Liverpool have lost (0-1 and 0-2) at Napoli's San Paolo. Italian land always makes Liverpool confused, unable to show 100% of the ability.  

At this time, Liverpool is also not in the best form. Being at the top of Group D after the first 2 wins, but The Kop has faced many difficulties against Ajax and Midtjylland, opponents who do not have strong strength like Atalanta. 

In the 21st century, Liverpool have repeatedly "kicked" the Italian teams out of the European Cup, although the head-to-head record is not so remarkable. Juventus, Milan, Inter, Roma and Napoli have all been victims of Liverpool in the group stage / knockout stages of the Champions League and Europa League / UEFA Cup. Therefore, most tifosi always see Liverpool as the thorn in the eyes of the Serie A representatives in the European Cup.

Atalanta will spend unpleasant surprises for Liverpool tonight. The Italian team can afford to win at least 1 point, before both sides rematch at Anfield after 3 weeks.