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UCL: Bayern vs RBS

Bayern Munich vs RB Salzburg

"Gray Lobster" Bayern Munich continue to show why they are champions of the Champions League. With destructive victories, the ticket to go to the top of the table is almost firmly in the hands of teachers and coaches Hans-Dieter Flick. The next 4th match, with home advantage and against a weak opponent like RB Salzburg. The next victory is unlikely to escape the reach of the Bundesliga representative.

Bayern Munich - Champions League

Last season Bayern Munich won the Champions League convincingly. It can even be said that during the journey from the group stage to the final "Gray Lobster" did not encounter any great difficulties. With a roster that has been so good and stable over the years, plus the new coaching style of Hans-Dieter Flick. At this time, Bayern Munich is the most highly rated group of European football. Currently, after 3 matches in Group A- Champions League, the home team of Allianz Arena has fully 9 points with the top of the rankings. Even their attackers have scored 12 goals, averaging 4 goals per game and their defense conceded 3 times. At the Bundesliga playground, Bayern Munich are leading the standings with 19 points after 8 rounds. In terms of form, Bayern Munich is playing too well when winning 9 and drawing 1 in the last 10 appearances. With the current performance,

RB Salzburg - Champions League

RB Salzburg's visitors are a representative from Austria, so their capabilities are not appreciated in the Champions League playground. Especially when it is in the group with both Bayern Munich and Atetico Madrid, it is clear that RB Salzburg's hope of going on is very fragile. After the first 3 matches, RB Salzburg had only 1 point thanks to the draw of Lokomotiv Moscow. The result made them bottom of the table and RB Salzburg's goal is now 3rd place to play in the Europa League. At the domestic playing field, RB Salzburg's performance was better. When the away team is leading the standings with 19 points after 8 rounds. Of course, the level of the two leagues is too different and playing well in the country does not help too much for RB Salzburg. RB Salzburg's first leg match to lose 2-6 at home, this reunion, a broken failure, is also an unavoidable scenario.