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Dortmund vs Club Brugge

After losing to Lazio in the opening match, Dortmund immediately proved their class with two consecutive victories. At this time, despite having a great advantage and being at the top of the table in hand. However, the situation of Group F is still very unpredictable, so Dortmund needs to take every opportunity they get, especially when they play at Signal Iduna Park's nest.

Dortmund - Champions League

Realistically, Dortmund are quite lucky to fall into the group that is really easy to breathe. In addition to Lazio, the other two names, Club Brugge and Zenit, are really not on the same level. Everything up to the present time also goes according to experts' prediction. After 3 matches, Dortmund brought me 6 points with the top of the rankings. Of course, teachers and coaches Lucien Favre still have to make a lot of effort, because they are just over two opponents, ranked 1 and 2 respectively. Dortmund's current performance is very stable, when the last 5 appearances, they only lost 1 and won 4. In the Bundesliga, the home team Signal Iduna Park is also playing well to stand at number 2 in the rankings and only 1 point behind Bayern Munich. In the last match, Dortmund buried Hertha Berlin (5-2) on away field. A perfect momentum run for the next pick-up.

Club Brugge - Champions League

With his rather weak strength, Club Brugge is not overestimated before entering the F-Champions League group this season. However, representatives from Belgium also made efforts to make more or less mark. Specifically, they successfully shot down Zenit (2-1) in Russia in the opening match. Next, teachers and coach Philippe Clement also held a tie Lazio (1-1) at home. The results helped Club Brugge get themselves 4 points and 3rd place in the rankings. In theory, Club Brugge still has many opportunities to continue. The problem is how they will perform in the next 3 matches, especially the direct confrontations with Dortmund and Lazio. When these 2 matches Club Brugge must play away from home. Club Brugge's performance at this time is not really impressive, proving that the last 5 appearances they won 2 and also received 2 defeats.