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UCL: Juve vs FTC

Juventus vs Ferencvaros

At the moment, Juventus is not really impressive in Serie A. However, in the continental playground, the "Old Lady" is always a great force. In the fourth match of Group G - Champions League this season, Juventus will welcome Ferencvaros at Allianz's home field. Before a less qualified opponent in all aspects, the next victory is difficult to escape the reach of Ronaldo and his teammates.

Juventus - Champions League

Ronaldo's impressive performance and 2 goals helped Juventus beat Cagliari in the eighth round of Serie A. Overall, this is the season where Juventus is having many problems in the domestic playground. The fact that the stars of "Old Lady" can not adapt to the new way of playing coach Andrea Pirlo makes this team difficult. Through 8 rounds, although they have not received any defeat, Juventus has to draw 4 matches. As a result, they only brought back 16 points after 8 rounds and took 4th place in the standings. Of course, the difference to the first place is only 4 points and just need to get back the necessary boom, the defending champion will make a breakthrough in the next stage. In the Champions League playground, Juventus has given themselves 6 points and is in 2nd place in the standings. Losing to Barcelona (0-2) at home, Perhaps Juventus is just fine with the ticket to continue with the second place. In the last 10 appearances, Juventus only lost 1 match, so the next victory over Ferencvaros is a very easy scenario.

Ferencvaros - Champions League

Just a representative from Hungarian football, so Ferencvaros is not appreciated when he plays in the Champions League this season. Especially when they are in the group there are the two leading names of European football, Juventus and Barcelona. In fact, after only 3 rounds of the first leg, the next door of Ferencvaros seems to no longer exist. They have only 1 point so far and are at the bottom of the table. The defense has conceded 11 goals after only 3 matches, it is clear that Ferencvaros is showing too weak in this group. Although playing poorly in the Champions League, but Ferencvaros is still "overwhelming" in the domestic playground. The evidence is that after 9 rounds in the Hungarian National Championship, Ferencvaros is unbeaten when winning 7 and drawing 2. The result helps the visitors to stand at the first place with 4 more points than 2nd place even though there is 1 game in hand.