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UCL: Liverpool vs ATA

Liverpool vs Atalanta


Dealing with skepticism from professionals, despite the many disadvantages of lack of staff. However, Liverpool is still performing in very convincing form on the pitch. The spirit is high, plus the home field advantage in the next match, is there any reason for coach Jurgen Klopp's teachers and students to lose points before an Atalanta is in crisis.

Liverpool - Champions League

This is the period where Liverpool is working hard to make up for the shortcomings of personnel. When the injury list of the "Red Brigade" included a series of pillars such as Gomez, Alexander-Arnold, Van Dijk, Henderson, Keita. It seems that these absence will make it difficult for Liverpool, but the Premier League champions are still playing extremely bravely. At the domestic playground, they are parallel to "Rooster" Tottenham on the top of the chart. More specifically, Liverpool has 20 points after 9 rounds and is only behind Tottenham because it is inferior in the sub-index. In the Champions League, coach and coach Jurgen Klopp won all three matches to bring back 9 points with the top of Group D. Even Liverpool scored 8 goals and not once conceded. In all competitions, Liverpool are unbeaten in the last 8 appearances and won 6 of them. In the match a few days ago,

Atalanta - Champions League

From a mid-range team in Serie A, in just two recent seasons, Atalanta has grown into a real giant. Last season they finished in the top four in Serie A, along with their Champions League quarter-final victory. In this season, things are no longer going smoothly with teachers and coach Gian Piero Gasperini. The proof is that they are only ranked 7th in the Serie A chart at this time. In the Champions League playground, the visitors currently have 4 points and are equal to Ajax, but worse in subindex. So, compared to Liverpool, Atalanta needs a lot more points. The problem is that Atalanta's performance is quite bad, even they won only 1/5 of their last match. In the first leg, they lost 0-5 at home, so what fulcrum for Atalanta to score in the upcoming trip.