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UCL: Man Utd vs BAS

Man United vs Basaksehir

A victory over Basaksehir will help Man Utd to take a huge advantage to aim for the ticket to go to the next round. Especially in the context of two direct competitors, PSG and RB Leipzig, face each other. The opportunity for "Red Devils" to increase the gap has come and of course, teachers and coaches Gunnar Solskjær can not miss this opportunity with "1 no 2".

Man Utd team - Champions League

It is no exaggeration to say that Group H with the presence of Man Utd, PSG and RB Leipzig are considered the death squads in the Champions League this season. Remember that RB Leipzig was the team that reached the semi-finals last season, while PSG was the runner-up of the tournament. As for Man Utd, although they only appeared in the Europa League last season, their experience as well as their level in the Champions League is indisputable. Therefore, before the tournament started, experts were still hesitant to comment on Man Utd. However, after 2 victories against PSG (2-1) and RB Leipzig (5-0), it is clear that all eyes must respect the teacher and coach Gunnar Solsk. Although both suddenly lost to Basaksehir (1-2), the advantage is still in Man Utd's mind. Right now they have 6 points and if they defeat Basaksehir, of course the "Red Devil" still retains its first place. Being more than PSG and RB Leipzig confronting him has made Man Utd more confident for the last two matches. Therefore, the "Red Devil" will win at the reception of Basaksehir.

Basaksehir team - Champions League

Quite unlucky for Basaksehir, because the first time they appeared in the Champions League, they had to fall into a difficult group. In fact, Basaksehir is difficult to win tickets to continue, even though they just beat Man Utd to bring 3 points. But remember, before that they lost both PSG and RB Leipzig. If you lose to Man Utd in this rematch, Basaksehir will probably have to stop early. That scenario is very likely to happen, when the team itself is in a not really impressive performance. Specifically, the away team had to receive 2 consecutive defeats in two different arenas. After 9 rounds in the Turkish National Championship, Basaksehir is showing a lack of breath when standing at 6th place with 13 points. Being 7 points behind the top team, the chance for Basaksehir to defend the throne is very difficult. In addition to being a guest in England.