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UCL: OLY vs Man City

Olympiacos vs Man City

Not out of the prediction of experts, Olympiacos is proving quite immature when it comes to the most prestigious playground of European football at club level. Hope to keep going is still with the representative from Greece. However, after the arrival of Man City here, the door to overcome the group stage of Olympiacos is likely to narrow.

Olympiacos - Champions League

Olympiacos is a team from Greece, their ability in the domestic playground is indisputable. However, when stepping into the European playground, the mark left by the home team of Georgios Karaiskakis was not much. At the moment, Olympiacos's performance is quite good. In the domestic arena alone, Olympiacos is at the top of the Greek league table. In which, teacher and coach Pedro Martins gave themselves 19 points after 7 rounds. Their achievements are extremely impressive with 6 wins and 1 draw. But Olympiacos' performance in the Champions League is not really good. Accordingly, after 3 matches, they have given themselves 3 points and are ranked 3rd in Group C. In general, the chance for Olympiacos to continue is still there, when the team is just below the second place of FC Porto 3. point. The problem is that the gap will most likely increase.

Man City  - Champions League

Man City is going through extremely difficult times under coach Pep Guardiola. In the Premier League playground, after losing the throne to Liverpool last season. Manchester City's green half entered a new season with a very high determination. But what they have shown up to now is really poor. Specifically, Man City is only ranked 13th in the rankings after bringing 12 points from 8 rounds. This is even the lowest score since coach Pep Guardiola led a team in Europe's 5 biggest leagues. Man City's incompetence is shown in the fact that their attackers only scored 10 goals and the defense conceded 11 times. The numbers are too modest compared to what Man City has had a few years ago. The biggest mark that the visitors have so far is in the European playground, The arena where Man City has given themselves 9 points after 3 games to top the rankings. Another victory will bring Man City to the next round, which of course is the goal of coach Pep Guardiola's teachers and students. Since their duties in the Premier League are very heavy.