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PSG vs RB Leipzig

In addition to beating RB Leipzig, PSG has no other way to raise hopes of going on to the Champions League playground this season. In a situation that fell into a dead end, plus not having the best performance right now. Wait and see if the Ligue 1 champions have confirmed their position, or RB Leipzig will create a big surprise to see PSG out of the game.

PSG team - Champions League

PSG was disappointed when he lost to Monaco (2-3) at Stade Louis II, the match where coach Thomas Tuchel's army soon led to 2 goals. Not only did he lose to the great rival, but PSG also lost Abdou Diallo because of a direct red card. Thus, after a series of extremely sublimated matches in the Ligue 1 playground, PSG quickly returned to the ground. In fact, PSG does not need to worry too much in the domestic arena, when this team still outperforms its competitors completely. The problem with PSG now is the Champions League playground, where they are having trouble finding a ticket to pass the group stage. After 3 matches played, PSG only brought 3 points and ranked 3rd in the standings. At this time, Coach Thomas Tuchel and his students need to win the RB Leipzig 1-2, which they lost in the first leg. Because that result will help them outperform their opponents when they have the same 6 points, but better in confronting achievements. That task is not too difficult, because it should be known that PSG has won the last 4/5 home matches.

 RB Leipzig - Champions League

In the Champions League last season, RB Leipzig made a surprise when it reached the semi-finals. Unfortunately, they lost to PSG (0-3) and gave the final ticket to the opponent. Entering this season, RB Leipzig continued to show its stability. At the domestic playground, "Herd of cows" has given me 17 points after 8 rounds and ranked 4th on the chart. With only 2 points behind the top team, the chance for RB Leipzig to compete for the throne is still very bright. In the Champions League, representatives of the Bundesliga played not bad when they won 2 and lost 1. The result gave them 6 points and 2nd place on the table, at this time RB Leipzig was equal to Man Utd but ranked behind because it was worse. on subscript. RB Leipzig's away form at the moment is not good, when the last 3 marches away from home did not win.