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UCL: SRFC vs Chelsea

Rennes vs Chelsea



Hi After a period of play at the start of the season, Chelsea began to enter a trajectory of stability. Especially the expensive rookie that the Blues brought in the summer gradually proved their talent. With a very high spirit, teachers and coaches Frank Lampard probably does not have much difficulty in killing Rennes. Thereby soon there were tickets to participate in the Champions League knockout round.

Rennes team - Champions League

After a flourishing season in Ligue 1, Rennes got a ticket to the Champions League group stage. That achievement clearly exceeded the expectations of the fans and this team BHL. Of course, with his immaturity and ability not to be appreciated, from the beginning, Rennes was questioned many questions about his ability to continue. Currently, after going through 3 matches, Rennes only has 1 point. The defeats against Sevilla (0-1) and Chelsea (0-3) show that Rennes has little hope in this field. Currently Rennes not only plays badly in the Champions League, but their performance in Ligue 1 is not really good. Specifically, the last 5 appearances in Ligue 1 they had to receive 3 defeats. With 18 points gained after 11 rounds, Rennes is now down to 7th in the standings.

Chelsea team - Champions League

It can be said that Chelsea is quite lucky when it falls into the group that is really easy to breathe. Obviously, apart from the relatively annoying Sevilla, Krasnodar or Rennes are too weak compared to the rest. Things are currently going extremely well for the Blues. Because after 3 matches they have given themselves 7 points and topped the rankings. The ticket to continue is almost firmly in the hands of teachers and coach Frank Lampard, if they will make more efforts to maintain the top. In terms of form, Chelsea is playing too sublimated when winning all 5 last appearances. In the Premier League they have just beaten Newcastle (2-0) to extend their winning streak to number 3. At this time, Chelsea has climbed to 3rd place in the standings with 18 points after 9 rounds. They are only 2 points behind the top two teams, Tottenham and Liverpool, with a 2 point gap. Looking at the current form.