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UEL: CFR vs Roma

Cluj vs AS Roma

Being rated at the top of Group A, it is not surprising that Roma occupy 1st place with 7 points / 3 matches, 3 points ahead of 3rd team ( New Top 2 has tickets to round 1/16). So if you beat CFR Cluj (which is the 3rd ranked team) in the 4th match tonight, Roma will almost certainly pass the group stage. However, Cluj cannot lose as long as there is still a chance to compete. 

In the first leg, Roma destroyed Cluj with a score of 5-0 at Olimpico's home field. In terms of strength or class, of course, the representative of Serie A is completely superior to the opponent. In addition, the recent performance of Giallorossi is also more convincing.

3/4 of the last match, Cluj had to lose. Even at home, CFR Cluj was empty handed in the last two matches. Meanwhile, Roma have won the last 4 matches. 

If calculated, from the beginning of the 2020/21 season, AS Roma has only lost 2 times according to (TLCA). The mentality of AS Roma's away is also quite good: 3 wins and 1 draw after 4 matches. 

However, it is because of the superiority in many aspects that the 3/4 handicap of Roma is said to be quite low, not accurately reflecting the relationship between the two sides. Therefore, the home team is not sure to lose this match, thereby continuing to hold the hope of going forward.