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UEL: LOSC vs AC Milan

Lille vs AC Milan 

The winning team in this confrontation is almost certain of the ticket to continue. Therefore, determination is easy to see in both Lille and AC Milan before the ball kicks off. Let's wait and see if Lille will continue to reproduce a strong victory like the first leg. Or AC Milan will bring high performance in the domestic playground for sweet revenge.

Lille - Europa League

Located in the group stage, there are AC Milan, Sparta Prague and Celtic. Naturally, Lille is assessed to have a capacity to go with AC Milan. That is of course because they are more powerful than the other two names. Current developments are also supporting Lille when they have given themselves 7 points after 3 matches to lead the standings. At the same time, Lille is also the team with the best scoring record with 9 goals and the best defense and 3 times conceding. Lille's performance was also impressive with the victory of defeating AC Milan (3-0) right in Italy in the first leg match. Lille's performance in the Ligue 1 playground is also very impressive. Accordingly, teachers and coaches Christophe Galtier holds 22 points after 11 rounds and ranks second in the standings. Not to mention, the last 10 appearances in all competitions, Lille only lost 1 and won 6.

AC Milan - Europa League

This is the time when coach and coach Stefano Pioli lived in dreams with impressive performances in the Serie A playground. The arena that AC Milan for a long time could not regain the right position of a big man. The proof is that after 8 rounds they are unbeaten when they win 6 and draw 2. That achievement gives AC Milan 20 points and the top of the table in a completely deserved way. It can be said that defeating AC Milan at this time is not easy. In the last match they also bury Napoli (1-3) right on away land. In the Europa League playground, if there was no unexpected defeat when welcoming Lille, AC Milan would have had a really perfect first leg. They are now 6 points away from Sparta Prague and Celtic, resulting in them finishing second right behind Lille. So, AC Milan need at least not lose in this match and will complete their goal of going on by defeating Sparta Prague and Celtic in the next two matches. History does not support AC Milan when they have never won Lille after 3 encounters. They even lost the last 2 encounters.