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UEL: Molde vs Gunners

Unlike Dundalk, Arsenal's rival this week was Molde, a team with a much more open approach to the game. With 6 points after the first two matches, Molde has even more reason to play a full and fair match against the strongest team in the group. 

Trained by Erling Moe, a self-proclaimed type of coach pursuing an aesthetic football school, Molde always tries to develop a coherent game of each line instead of clumping, accepting the match and waiting for a counterattack. Like the vast majority of clubs from European minor football backgrounds. The last 6 matches in all competitions, Molde has won all 6. 

In the Norwegian league, Molde is the defending champion and this season is the team with the third best defense. Even, Molde almost appeared in the group stage of the Champions League if it was not passed by Ferencvaros of Hungary in the round. final category because of away goals. Thanks to its good performance in the Champions League preliminary round, Molde was able to enter the seed team in the Europa League group stage draw and thereby fell into the easy-to-breathe group. If nothing changes, Molde will continue with Arsenal. 

Such basic sketch of the Solskjaer team that led in the period 2015-2018 shows that Molde is more or less a team with more or less ability and never accepts to bow to the big men.

However, it is also because of Molde's open mindset, always waiting in Molde's attacking stance that Arsenal have more opportunities to play offensive football, which is the identity of the Gunners, but Arteta "has not dared yet. "Deployed in the past because of the harsh schedule. For Arteta, before thinking of his free days, playing every game was the top match, he wanted to build a solid foundation. Rare occasions like the Europa League group stage are a necessary test, to help Arteta fully understand the attack potential of the people he owns. 

In fact, Arsenal also need to gradually get used to the play of a big team because since the beginning of the season until now, they have just improved the quality of the defense, not the performance of the attack. Training with Molde "green pieces" is an ideal condition for Arteta. 

Even with the pillars on the bench, Arteta can still rest assured with the stunt characters he uses. Simply put, the quality of Arsenal's squad exceeds that of visitors from distant Northern Europe. On Molde's registration list, there is only one face who has played in Europe's top five leagues, Mathis Bolly, who played for Fortuna Duesseldorf from 2013 to 2016.     

In the case of early opening of the deadlock, it is not known that Arsenal will have a crisp first-time victory of the season by Molde, as said, without the habit of kicking the goalkeeper.