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UEL: Rangers vs SLB

Rangers vs Benfica

In Group D Europa League this season, Rangers and Benfica both own 7 points / 3 matches, making a 4-point difference from the 3rd place team. , both sides will reunite on Rangers' field and the winning team is almost certain to win the ticket. 

Due to the advantage of the home field, the Ranger is on the upper door and accepts 1/4 but the adjustment ratio can be raised to 1/2 before the ball is rolling. It is a sign that the host's door is really bright. 

In addition to the advantage of the court, teachers and students Steven Gerrard are showing a very high level this season. In addition to their achievements in the Europa League, in the Scottish national league, they dominate the first place, leaving the "great rival" Celtic behind to 11 points.

Exactly, the Ranger is invincible from the beginning of the season, even winning the last 11/12 matches in all competitions. In the home, Rangers did not lose 12 consecutive matches and conceded only once.