UEL: Spurs vs Ludogorets

In the context of a chance to win the top of the Premier League, Tottenham needs to defeat Ludogorets (Bulgaria) in the least effortless way to make a breakthrough in the domestic arena. That calculation will be a strong factor affecting Spurs' strategy in the match tonight.

In theory, defeating a dwarf like Ludogorets is a mandatory task and also completely within Tottenham's reach. Jose Mourinho's team, after a 0-1 defeat at the hands of Royal Antwerp in the second match of Group J, rebuffed the squad and won 2-1 against Brighton in the last Premier League round .

It was Tottenham's 8th victory in all competitions this season. In which there are resounding victories such as when Tottenham crushed Man United 6-1 in the fourth round of the Premier League or destroyed Macabi Haifa to 7-2 in the Europa League preliminary round. However, in the last 3 matches, Tottenham can no longer maintain such a good form.

Mourinho's army won only 1-0 against Burnley and, as just mentioned, overcame Brighton with a minimum difference of 2-1. Public goods of "Rooster" over the past time have shown signs of overload, when too dependent on the performance of the duo Hary Kane - Son Heung-min. It can be said that Tottenham's strength is that they have the best strikers in Europe today, who together have created 9 goals in just 6 matches. But Tottenham's weakness is also in the close parallel. When Son and Kane were silent, Tottenham were sometimes like "chickens with hair" but the latest evidence was that they had to work very hard to beat Brighton thanks to rookie Gareth Bale to shine in time.

Tonight, Bale will be given the main kick because coach Mourinho understands that he needs to "recharge" for his best killer duo. Therefore, side by side with Bale in attack will be Lucas Moura and Vinicius. With a new set of firepower, never before with the main kick, Tottenham must be difficult to overwhelm Ludogorets.

Although the Bulgarian championship team is just a "pacer" in Group J, it is not possible to underestimate their pride, when this stage is again the holy place of Huvepharma. At his home field, Ludogorets only lost 1 game since the beginning of September, which was a resilient 1-2 defeat against Royal Antwerp in the second match of Group J Europa League . With enough confidence, when it comes to defending the dignity of a champion, Ludogorets can still create formidable resistance.

That is what Tottenham should take great note of. Because the team under coach Jose Mourinho is also not in high form on away field in the continental arena, losing 2/3 of the trip away from the nearest home.

Of course, the teams that beat Tottenham (Antwerp and Leipzig) are on a very different level from Ludogorets, so they cannot use it as a frame of reference to worry about another Spurs defeat. But with the need to calculate the important stage right ahead, it is likely that "Rooster" will not win the Bulgarian team in this match.