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UFC 255: Figueiredo vs. Perez - Main Fight Preview

Alex Perez vs Deiveson Figueiredo 

Champion Deiveson Figueiredo (19-1 in MMA, 8-1 in the UFC) arrives in search of his first flyweight belt defense after two very dominant victories over one of the best fighters in the history of the division (and probably one of the best to submit) his career without winning a UFC title), Joseph Benavidez.

The “God of War” is a violent, very powerful and opportunistic finisher. When he arrived at the UFC, he excelled much more for the power of his strokes than for the volume, but he significantly improved the pace and today he seeks to pressure his opponents with incessant threats. Even though he does not have a good defense in the exchange of blows, he relies on physical strength and titanium chin to seek the attack throughout the fight, with hooks with his left and direct hand being the main blows used to hurt opponents.

The champion has had trouble defending takedowns at different times when he faced grappling specialists , in a little more distant past against Jarred Brooks and then against Brazilian Jussier Formiga in his only career loss. In addition to being very strong physically, Deiveson specializes in guillotines, which, if not so often, are used to end his battles at the highest level, at least serve to get rid of opponents' attempts to fall and cause scrambles , a scenario in which does well.

Alex Perez (21-5 in MMA, 7-1 in the UFC) reaches the post of challenger after a victory against the only executioner in Deiveson's career. It was not the first option to face the champion, but Cody Garbrandt's injury made room for the fighter who arrived in the UFC making a great impression with aggressive and unilateral performances until he was stopped by Benavidez in his fourth appearance in the otogono.

The defeat came at a delicate moment in the rebuilding of the UFC squad at flyweight, with speculation even involving the end of the category. But Perez came back on top showing the potential to occupy the top positions of the ranking and with the differential of the great power to interrupt the fighting, both by submission and by knockouts, as he demonstrated against Jussier Formiga applying low kicks until the opponent no longer presented resistance.

Since the defeat to Benavidez in which he seemed much more passive than normal, perhaps feeling the escalation too fast at the level of opponents, Perez has again shown aggressiveness in the search for offensive actions, dominating opponents with unusual power for flyweight.

For Saturday's match, we should expect nothing less than an exciting fight from the beginning to the end of the fight between two of the most physically powerful flyweights in the world. An ideal scenario for Perez would be to keep the combat at a distance from the shots so as not to be punished with Deiveson's more powerful fists and avoid exchanging blows in the pocket . If possible, the challenger should even try to take the Brazilian to the ground to score and guarantee rounds in his favor, but most likely the advantage in wrestling is from Deiveson.

The bet is that the champion will successfully complete the first belt defense with an aggressive approach, holding on to Perez's momentum and imposing pressure from the second round seeking an interruption before the 15 minutes of combat.