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UFC Vegas 12: Hall vs. Silva - Main Fight Preview

It's okay that he never exploded as he promised at TUF 17, but Uriah Hall's career (15-9 in MMA, 8-7 in the UFC) is not all bad. The Jamaican is not a regular athlete, he alternates between great performances and shameful defeats, but it seems that the training at Fortis MMA in Texas has been positive for Hall. There are two consecutive victories in the current phase, the main one against the Brazilian Antonio “Cara de Sapato”. To mention other great victories in Uriah's career, it is good to mention the knockout against Gegard Mousasi and a decision against Thiago Marreta, which became an even better victory with his rise in the top category.

Hall's proposal in the octagon is well known. Primetime came from karate and taekwondo, with a very dangerous and varied striking. The kicks are always fast and practically guarantee the end of the fight if connected. Hall also has a lot of power in his fists, countering well. As it is quite explosive, the opponent must always be focused on Uriah's movement, since his strokes are basically unique and he usually fights to define fights, not to win rounds. The main problems consist of inefficient grappling - which has been corrected, it is good to note -, in addition to making wrong decisions during the fight. Uriah is also not considered to be one of the toughest fighters, as he often gets shaken when hit.

After almost 15 years at the biggest event in the world, finally the decision to end his career came to Anderson Silva (34-10, 1NC in MMA, 17-6, 1NC in UFC). A journey full of ups and downs, which seems to be ending very late, being the oldest fighter of the event at 45 years old. Everyone remembers his aura of invincibility during his reign as champion, the great performances like against Forrest Griffin and Vitor Belfort, the idolatry of fans all over the world. However, mainly with the problem with the use of anabolic steroids and the current terrible phase count against. There are those who like it, who hate it, but it is possible to say that regardless of the result of next Saturday, "Spider" marked his name in the history of the sport.

It is not very difficult to explain the fighting style proposed by Anderson Silva at his peak. The Brazilian has always been an elite striker . Anderson was a master in the use of counter strikes, extremely accurate, had a wide variety of standing, including plastic strikes like knees. In the clinch he was also in danger, being one of the main representatives of muay thai within the UFC. Defense based on dodge and movement worked well, even demoralizing opponents. Known for the provocations inside the octagon, Anderson also managed to enter the minds of his opponents, achieving this feat even in his most recent victory against Derek Brunson. He was never an expert defender of falls, but he managed to get around on the ground regularly.

But it is necessary to repeat: Currently, Anderson is 45 years old. The explosion no longer exists, the reflexes that were fundamental in his defensive game have been declining and are also more fragile, as evidenced by his last appearance where he ended up getting injured in a low shot by Jared Cannonier. In his entire career he has never been a fighter who has suffered great damage, but a whole journey of heavy training also undermines the absorption of blows and also wears down his own body. Anderson is also much slower, showing last year against Israel Adesanya that the body does not respond with the same agility as a few years ago. Even in this situation as an athlete, in his last fights what we can say is: the name Anderson Silva still imposes a lot of respect on opponents.

This duel has already been scheduled for UFC 198 and has always seemed like a desire for both fighters and for the event. Uriah Hall is the typical fighter who would easily fall into Anderson Silva's story and would suffer at the hand of the ex-champion at his peak, due to his lack of regularity and also for not having the best mentality in the cage. I even imagine that this weekend we will be able to see a very respectful Hall, but Anderson's physical decay is too much.

Even though I am constantly playing to the point that Anderson is no longer the same, which has been obvious for about five years, he is still better than many people who reach similar points in their careers. Is it possible for Hall to deliver the tray fight? It always is. But I think it's a little safer to bet on a knockout of Uriah, putting a melancholy end to the career of "Spider".