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USA 🇺🇸 Election 🗳 (2020) Live Results 📺

Several months of election campaigning arrived today (Monday) in their final day with presidential candidates who continue to persuade undecided voters as well as push their supporters to vote.

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are holding election meetings in many states that will be among the most important in determining the outcome.

The common denominator in their itinerary is Pennsylvania, a state where Mr. Biden leads according to recent polls, but which Mr. Trump won during the 2016 presidential race.

The Pennsylvania winner wins 20 of the 270 electoral votes a candidate needs to get a four-year term in the White House.

Mr. Trump will hold a rally at Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport, while Mr. Biden will address his supporters at a car event, due to the pandemic, in Pittsburgh.

Mr. Biden's next stop on Monday will be Ohio, a state with 18 electoral votes.

Polls show the two candidates stuck in a close race with each other.

President Trump also travels to North Carolina, another state where the two candidates are running head-to-head, as well as two other states such as Michigan and Wisconsin.

In the latter two polls put Mr Biden at the forefront, but they were an important part of Mr Trump's victory in 2016.

The results are not expected to be officially announced in a few weeks from election day. Deadlines vary by state.

Some are expected to make them known within a week, but many have to wait for the final results to be announced by the end of November or the beginning of December.

For many years, the winner has been clear before the announcement of the official results due to predictions made by media organizations based on data from polling stations.

This year a record number of Americans have voted in advance, at least 94 million by Sunday evening, and with many of the ballots cast by mail due to coronavirus-related concerns, counting in some states may be slower than usually.

President Trump has criticized the decisions of some courts that have given some states the right to count those votes that will be mailed on election day, setting a deadline that varies from state to state, how long it can be waited for them.

He reiterated his opposition during the campaign's numerous stops on Sunday, saying, but without providing any evidence, that "many frauds and abuses could occur".

Mr. Trump signaled that his campaign officials are preparing for legal challenges related to the counting of ballots cast at non-Pennsylvania polling stations, an issue that became the subject of a Supreme Court ruling last week.

He also expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the result will not be announced immediately and told reporters before a rally in North Carolina that "he does not think it is right that we should wait for a long period of time after the election."

But Mr. Trump called an article published on the Axios website that he had told people in his inner circle that he would declare victory on election night even if the outcome of the Electoral College was unclear.

Democratic nominee Joe Biden commented on the article amid the pauses of his campaign Sunday in Philadelphia. "The president will not steal this election," Biden said.

In Philadelphia, Mr. Biden also reiterated his criticism of the Trump administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed an estimated 231,000 people since its inception and infected more than 9.2 million more than in any other country. other world, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

"The truth is that to defeat the virus we must first defeat Donald Trump," Biden said. "He is the virus," he added.

Mr. Trump goes on to say that the situation in the US is improving as far as efforts against COVID-19 are concerned and that the vaccine will be released soon.

Mr Biden called Pennsylvania "critical" of his run for president. He was optimistic that "when America is heard, I believe the message will be clear: it is time for Trump to pack his bags and go home."

According to national polls, Mr. Biden continues to lead the race for president by about 8 percent more than Mr. Trump who if lost will be the third president in the US in the last four decades not to be re-elected for a second term.

Yet elections in the US are not determined by popular vote at the national level, but by the votes of the 538-member Electoral College.

A candidate needs a minimum of 270 electoral votes in order to be declared the winner of the presidential race.

In addition to the presidential race, U.S. voters will also elect all members of the 435-member House of Representatives, 35 100-member Senate members, 11 state governors, leaders at various levels of local government, and vote on related initiatives. referendums.