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WCQ: Peru 🇵🇪 vs Argentina 🇦🇷

Peru vs Argentina

For Paraguay to draw a pity in the previous round, so after 2 victories, Argentina had the first losing match in the 2022 World Cup qualifying campaign in South America. The next 4th round, with only having to face a downhill Peru. Obviously Messi and his teammates have a great chance of getting back to winning streak.

Peru team - World Cup South America

In the 2018 World Cup qualifiers, Peru created a big surprise when it surpassed Chile or even Paraguay to participate in the biggest football festival on the planet in Russia afterwards. The result was really a big earthquake, because experts assessed that Peru has almost no door to move on. After that victory, it seems that Peru's opponents have gradually become more cautious when facing them. That is the reason that the home team has not left a clear mark after the last 3 matches. Accordingly, Peru only got 1 point after 3 rounds. As a result, this team is ranked 8th in the rankings. The defense is playing too bad with 8 times to concede, hurting Peru. Even with the last 6 appearances in all competitions, Peru was unbeaten, in which they drew 2 and lost 4.

Argentina team - World Cup South America

The only goal of striker Nicolas Gonzalez is only enough to help Argentina retain 1 point in the reception of Paraguay. When they previously conceded early from Romero's penalty kick situation. The fact is also regrettable for Argentina when the VAR has denied Messi's goal in a rather confusing way. Anyway, 1 point obtained also helped Argentina maintain 2nd place in the standings with 7 points after 3 rounds. This was also the period when Argentina regained stability. The proof is that the last 10 appearances they are completely unbeaten, including 4 draws and 6 wins. Away from home Argentina is not afraid to win both times away from home. History also favors Argentina when they are unbeaten in the last 5 encounters with Peru and have 2 victories in them.