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Bundesliga: Bayern vs WOB

Bayern Munich vs Wolfsburg

"Gray lobster" is leveling off significantly recently and the price they have to pay is at the top of the chart. Obviously that is an unbelievable end, because only a few rounds ago, Bayern Munich remained firmly at the top. In the next match, it is necessary to welcome an unknown Wolfsburg of the Bundesliga this season. The challenge is clearly not small for the army of coach Hansi Flick.

Bayern Munich - Bundesliga 

Bayern Munich started the season extremely sublimated when soon got a ticket to go to the top of the Champions League. In the Bundesliga, the "Gray Lobster" also quickly displayed his power. However, in the last few rounds, the army of coach Hansi Flick has been short of breath. The closest they let Union Berlin draw with a score of 1-1, even if there was no late equalizer of Lewandowski, "Gray Lobster" had to fail. Before that, Bayern Munich also drew on a losing streak when they welcomed RB Leipzig (3-3) at home. Although still unbeaten in the last 5 rounds, Bayern Munich to draw 3 matches. As a result, the home team Allianz Arena was pushed down to second place by Bayer Leverkusen on the table. Specifically, after 11 rounds, Bayern Munich has 25 points and is 1 point behind the top of the table.

Wolfsburg - Bundesliga 

Playing is not too explosive, but Wolfsburg always knows how to save the opportunities to accumulate points. Even the "pack of wolves" has not yet received any defeat in the Bundesliga this season. Through 11 rounds of Wolfsburg won 5 and drew 6, the result gave this team 21 points and 4th place in the rankings. At this time, they are 4 points behind the top of the table and the performance of "Blue Wolf" is improving with each match. In the last 5 rounds, Wolfsburg was completely unbeaten when he drew 1 and won to 4. Although the attacking line was not too explosive with 18 goals, the defense of only 11 times helped Wolfsburg become extremely difficult. defeated. The biggest problem with Wolfsburg is probably the achievement when away from home. Because of the 6 recent marches, "Green Wolf" is only the triumphal song exactly 1 match.