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Bundesliga: FCU vs Bayern

Union Berlin vs Bayern Munich

Undeniably Union Berlin is playing well in the Bundesliga this season, but in front of a strong opponent like Bayern Munich, the door to the teachers and coach Urs Fischer is very small. Especially when the representative of the capital is always a good prey with "Gray Lobster".

Union Berlin - Bundesliga 

This is just the second season that Union Berlin has participated in the Bundesliga playground. Last season, although it was just a rookie who just got promoted, Union Berlin played well to relegate quite early. Everything in this season is even going much smoother with teachers and coach Urs Fischer. Specifically, after 10 matches, Union Berlin got 16 points. In which they won 4 wins, 4 draws and received 2 defeats. Considering in the last 5 appearances, Union Berlin won 3 draws 1 and lost only 1. Especially the performance at home this season of Union Berlin is quite good. It is important to know that the An der Alten Försterei team has 2 wins, 2 draws and only 1 defeat on the home team. Union Berlin is also one of the best attacking teams in the tournament with 22 goals scored against the opponent. Only the last 5 appearances they have shot the opponent's net up to 14 goals.

Bayern Munich - Bundesliga 

Welcoming Lokomotiv Moscow at home in the last match of Group A- Champions League. "Gray Lobster" has a gentle 2-0 victory to have a ticket to continue at the top of the table. Thus, Bayern Munich can completely focus on the Bundesliga in the coming time. In the context that the game of coach Hansi Flick and his teachers began to appear deviations. The last round of Bayern Munich so that RB Leipzig drew 3-3 at home. The match that "Gray Lobster" must be very hard to retain 1 point. Currently, after going through 10 rounds, teachers and coaches Hansi Flick are holding the first place with 23 points. But the gap to the team behind is only 1 point and Bayern Munich of course cannot make the slightest mistake. In terms of form, Bayern Munich is playing well with a 3 draw and 13 wins in their last 16 appearances.